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The biggest money mistakes Canadians make

Global News

When it comes to debt and spending, there are mistakes and then there are Mistakes.

Small luxury purchases won’t necessarily derail your long-term financial goals, but consistently living beyond your means, amassing consumer and credit card debt, and not saving for retirement could cripple someone for years to come.

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Animal therapy offers hope for veterans struggling with PTSD

Global News

Canada’s 12-year mission in Afghanistan is over, but the effects of the war will continue to be felt as soldiers and veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

As recent military and government campaigns aim to raise awareness of mental health within the Canadian Armed Forces, charities are hoping a wider acceptance of animal therapy becomes one of the keys to helping soldiers and veterans with PTSD.

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Building a city that will last: mixed use development in Toronto

Global News

The demographics of Toronto have changed.

After years of couples and families fleeing the downtown for the bigger homes of the suburbs, Toronto is experiencing a revival in downtown population growth.

More and more people want to live right where they work, eat, shop and hop on public transit. Mixed use development may be the key to building a city that will last.

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Invisible Wounds: Crisis in the military

Global News

Many of them went to hell and back, returning from the Afghan war only to face a new battle at home.

Canadian soldiers and veterans shared their stories with Global News, detailing their struggle in getting help for post-traumatic stress disorder. But the Canadian Forces insists help is available. So where’s the disconnect?

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Vote to keep Veterans Affairs offices open fails in Ottawa

Global News

An opposition motion calling on the Conservative government to keep Veterans Affairs district offices open failed, as expected, in the House of Commons on Monday.

Split down party lines, 117 NDP, Liberal and Green MPs voted in favour of the motion, which would reverse the government’s decision to close eight regional offices – 146 Conservative MPs voted “no.”

The motion follows protests across Canada last Friday outside Veterans Affairs offices, and draws on public concern over a recent rash of military suicides.

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Recent suicide points to crisis in Canadian military, say veterans advocates

Global News

The recent death of a retired Canadian Forces member once again has veterans advocates pointing to a mental health crisis in Canada’s military.

Retired Cpl. Leona MacEachern, a 20-year veteran with the Canadian Armed Forces, died on Christmas Day in a head-on collision west of Calgary.

Initially, reports indicated MacEachern’s death was an accident, however the veteran’s husband said that MacEachern died by suicide, calling her death an “intentional final desperate act” of his 51-year-old wife.

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Regent Park youth to shed light on changing neighbourhood

Global News

Young ambassadors from Toronto’s Regent Park will gather this weekend to update fellow youth on changes happening in their community.

This Saturday, representatives from the Regent Park Youth Ambassador Program will hold a public forum to talk about the changes happening in the community and provide information on new buildings and job opportunities.

“The youth in Regent Park need to know what’s going on and get involved in their community,” said Vivian Nguyen, a 15-year resident of Regent Park.

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